Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The E-Team's vision

The E-Team's vision

Unfortunately a lot of you may not have heard about the E-team, but it has been a committee in raffles world academy for years now. however it is relatively new compared to the other committees. despite all that we are always growing and innovating ourselves trying to come up with better things to make the school and our surrounding environment a better place. although we usually dismiss it and don't think much of our actions, we can make a huge difference by doing little things. I know it sounds cliche but our little actions can have a huge impact on the environment. One piece of paper being wasted, one water bottle being thrown away on the floor, all these little things can go a long way. Here in the E-team it is our duty to raise awareness and make a difference, and we can only do that with your help.

The Present:
Right now there is an eco garden going on in school, in which we will be growing our own garden to help give back to nature. Also the E-team holds assemblies and is constantly trying to get back our green flag.

The Past:
In the past the E-team did a lot as we had our KG1 gardening program, in which we had the kindergarten students make a garden to teach them the importance of nature and to raise awareness. In the E-team we also have the eco month in which we have the fashion show, the bottle collecting and the bottle recycling. this just a month of continuous care for the environment and raising awareness. It is filled with fun activities and assemblies to help raise awareness and make a change. We also had the PYP grade 5 exhibition in which we aimed to raise awareness within the next grades to ensure that raffles continues going on that path of conservation and raising awareness.

The future:
The E-team has a very similar calendar this year in which we will provide the school with activities and assemblies to raise awareness. our aim is to get our green flag back and make raffles a better place.

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