Monday, February 1, 2016

What can you do?

We all want to do our part to make this world a little greener! The World Wildlife Fund has some awesome resources for you to help make better choices at home...

First, Let's congratulate ourselves! 
At RWA we are already doing the 4 things recommended by WWF to 
  • Encourage recycling - Our eco monitors and support staff are on top of making sure the recycling bins are used effectively!
  • Switch off the lights and other appliances - Everyone at RWA (students, teachers, support staff, and even our dedicated principal) is committed to reducing electricity usage. This can be using natural light when possible, using automatic shutdowns of projectors and computers, and turning off all un-needed appliances.
  • Walk or ride a bike to school - This isn't always possible in Dubai, but our community is committed! We also carpool and take busses. Sharing rides reduces transportation impact. 
  • Pack a healthy lunch - From KG1 our teachers and health staff require healthy lunches be packed everyday. Our canteen is also green, using recycled paper plates rather than Styrofoam. 
RWA also follows WWF water saving tips and WWF energy saving tips - and we are using these to guide our ENVIRONMENTAL REVIEW!


WWF has launched the One Plant Lifestyle (OPL) campaign. Check out their videos and introductions to the program here.

  • The Ecological Footprint is an indicator of human pressure on nature. 
  • Humanity is currently using the renewable resources of 1.5 Earths to meet our yearly demands for energy, food, shelter, and the things we do and buy.
  • People living in richer, more developed countries generally have a higher Footprint than those living in less developed countries.  

Did you know that the UAE has one of the highest footprints in the world?

RWA aims to be a One Planet School, so we are currently undertaking a school wide environmental review. And now we need your help!

Do an environmental review of your own! 

1) Download the One Planet Lifestyle E-Book here.

2) Calculate YOUR personal ECO-Footprint:
There is one inside the E-Book, which is really great because it highlights the IMPACT of each activity.

OR you can use one of these WWF calculators... (We suggest using the UK-based calculator, but explore them all!)

3) THEN the comments section below, enter:
      (a) your actual footprint number and
      (b) 1 or 2 major steps that YOU can make in your daily life to reduce your footprint.

Try to be realistic!
Try to choose actions with a high impact!
Challenge your friends!

4) Then Play Games (with environmental themes of course) !!!
There are lots, for every level and age - And THEY ARE ALL SUPER COOL!

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