Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Join the E-Team!

We can't wait to see everyone who was part of the E-Team last year!
If you weren't involved in our E-Team last year, there are lots of ways to get involved now! 

Want to be an Eco-monitor? 
Want to promote UAE biodiversity? 
Want to contribute to beach clean ups?

If you are interested, please sign up as an ASA - after school activity - or if that doesn't work for you Please see one of the E-Team Coordinators:
Primary School Coordinator :  Jaya Butani - JayaB@rwadubai.com
Secondary School Coordinator:  Zunaira Siddiqui - ZunairaS@rwadubai.com

YOUR IDEAS could change how we run our school! How can you help us to improve recycling at RWA?

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