Thursday, June 25, 2015

Survey Results

At the end of this year we asked our students to answer 2 questions in order to gage their attitudes. Here are the results and a brief analysis below. We will repeat this at the end of 2015-2016 to see if there has been any changes in behaviors and attitudes at RWA.

The first question aimed to measure the behavior of the students with regard to recycling:

  • A majority of people admitted that they only recycle "sometimes" - this is probably a very good indication of actual recycling at matches our observations. Many do it when it is convenient, but do not do when the bins are far away or not clearly marked.
  • Many (31%) said they always recycle, which is probably an exaggeration, but shows good intentions by the students. 

The second question aimed to measure the attitudes of the students about the E-team:

  • Overall it seems that the E-team has a GOOD reputation, but there is surely some room for improvement. 
  • We feel that we do a lot of good work, but we will do better. Also, improving visibility and awareness raising will improve the effectiveness of the E-team as it will become more popular. 

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