Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Tree Planting Competition!

As part of  National Schools Environment Protection Program, RWA will participate in the Clean Energy Business Council’s inter school competition , to help reduce air pollution caused by the cars.

* The Competition - ‘Clean The Air We Breathe’

* Students from the participating schools can plant a tree or plant anywhere, any time of day during the competition period and thus purify the air around us we breathe.
* The teachers/parents must send individual photos to me (Mrs. Jaya Butani or Mrs. Trayle Kulshan, latest by 11th June 2015) showing them planting a tree/plant.
* The school with the highest percentage of submissions (1 entry=1 tree/plant planted) will be announced the winner. (based on total number of students attending the school)
* This competition is open to students of all ages and year groups.

* The Prize
The Winner will be presented with a plaque and certificate in recognition of their NOx Pollution Neutral Effect environment.

The Winning School will be offered a painted area (free of charges), near the street and/or car park sufficiant to offset the vehicles and busses arriving/departing in the school area, each day for the last 100m of emissions.

The Winning School will be given the choice of rather painting their external roof adjacent to the AC input with Airlite Paint which will help purify the air, increase the building’s energy efficiency and clean the air going into the Air Conditioning System.

* Time Frame
Competition begins on 20 May 2015
Last day for submission of entries closes on 13 June 2015
Participating Schools must notify CEBC of their total number of trees planted by 15 June 2015
(and send a compiled file with the pictures)
The Winning School will be announced on 18 June 2015

The winning school
Painting of the school building exterior (colour in accordance with school), will take place over the summer holiday at a convenient time agreed to by the Winning School and Airlite Paint. The Italian company Airlite has created a special paint that is based on the photocatalysis principle where the pollutants in the air are decomposed and naturally transformed into inert salts and thus neutralises the damaging effects of car emissions and helps purify the air. One square metre of paint reduces air pollution as effectively as one mature tree. (The Paint has the added benefit of significantly cooling a building/roof and ‘scrubbing’ input air to the AC system which improves energy efficiency and creates a healthier environment for our children).

Go Green

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