Saturday, April 25, 2015

Make it work!

This week's theme is RECYCLING! 

* * *

We're all getting excited for our 
Annual RWA Fashion Shows! 
Each year students make awesome fashion and accessories from used materials. And just like Project Runway, we "Make it work!"

How hot are you?  Flaunt it on the runway! 
Fashion Forward Fun for everyone!

KG1-Grade 1 :  8 am, Tuesday 28th of April in the KG area
Grades 2 - 5 :  10 am, Thursday 30th of April in the first floor Sports Hall
Grades 6 - 12 : 1:15 pm, Thursday 30th of April in the first floor Sports Hall

Contestants please arrive 15 minutes early!

This year promises some super trendy looks, as well as AWESOME prizes! 
Our Grand Prize for each show has been generously donated by SEAWINGS sea plane tours of Dubai: a tour for 2 of Dubai.

* * *

So why is recycling so important...? Because recycling is the easiest, simplest thing that YOU can do to make your school cleaner, to reduce the UAE ecological footprint, and to save the world! It saves natural resources (because you are re-using what's already been used) and it saves energy (because it takes less energy to recycle something that to make a new one). 

Let's take the example of a water bottle to learn more: 

Here is a video report from Emirates News about recycling in the UAE.  It highlights the fact that one of the biggest challenges in the UAE is awareness of the people about recycling. 
The Emirates Environmental Group has some great programs that promote recycling and positive waste management. Check this out!
Do your part and spread the word to your family and friends about how simple, easy, and IMPORTANT recycling is! 

Goubook has some great information about recycling in the UAE.

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